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Getting to know your visit

Pediatric SurgicalCare is one of the best pediatric surgery programs in the world.  We take great care in making your visit as pleasant as possible.


New Patients

Getting Here
Please plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment. The traffic and parking Route 17 Area can sometimes be difficult and take more time than anticipated. Please take this into account when you leave for your visit. Parking is available in our building’s lot.

When you arrive to the office in the building, 3rd floor, you will first need to check in at the front desk. There, one of our staff will verify your personal information for your visit. You will be able to have a seat in our waiting area. During this time you will be asked to complete a demographic information sheet this will help the billing staff to correctly bill your insurance company. It is often helpful to complete these forms prior to your visit.

Your Child’s Exam
Once you are called into the exam room, the Doctor will then review your child’s medical history in detail and a physical exam will be performed on your child to obtain a correct diagnosis.

After the doctor has seen your child, you may need to stop at the checkout desk to obtain school/work notes and a follow up appointment if necessary. At anytime, please do not hesitate to ask one of our staff for assistance or information.


Your post operative exam will be performed by the Doctor himself.

If you have any questions, please call us at 201-225-9700.

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  • After Your Visit

    Be sure you understand and follow directions given to you by your doctor.

    Before you leave the doctor's office, ask any questions you may have about your medications, tests, referrals, and when to call the doctor.

    Follow through on your next steps.

    Schedule your follow-up appointment if required, and any future appointments

    Be sure you have received any referrals if directed by your doctor

    Be sure you have any prescription slips. Understand when and how to take the medications

    Know how and when you will receive your test results
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