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Who Refers you to a Pediatric Surgeon?

In the cases then your pediatric physician requires the advice of a pediatric surgeon we are always happy to consult.

In most cases, a patient is referred to a pediatric surgeon by a pediatrician or family practitioner who discovers a problem that might require surgical treatment. Unborn babies are referred to pediatric surgeons by obstetricians when congenital defects are discovered by prenatal ultrasound.

Newborn babies are referred to pediatric surgeons by neonatologists for surgical problems that arise shortly after birth. Sometimes children are self-referred by their parents for the suspicion of a surgical problem.

For patients who come to our office, we believe that our primary responsibility is to discover the underlying problem and answer all questions related to care. For example: What is the cause of the disorder? Is it serious? Does it require treatment and, if so, what are the available options? If the treatment does require surgery, what does this involve and how do we keep the child or young adult safe and comfortable throughout the procedure and afterwards? What are the facility options and what is the role played by anesthesia? We have performed more than 20,000 operations using general anesthesia and so are well qualified to address the various types of anesthesia and their relative risks. Finally, what is the expected outcome or prognosis, what is the expected recovery time and eventual return to all regular activities? Our experience is unparalleled and we can provide honest answers about these and any other questions you may have.

In some cases, we may require more information to answer these questions and will personally arrange to have outpatient laboratory or radiologic tests performed. We then personally communicate the results of these tests to the parents and discuss the implications of these tests over the telephone. We have been in practice for over ten years in the area and are personally familiar with a large number of sub-specialists in case a question comes up that we are unprepared to answer. It never hurts to get a second opinion and we will actively participate and offer guidance to find the best and most experienced specialists for your child’s care especially if it is out of our area of expertise. We are rated number one in the state of New Jersey by Healthgrades for the total care that we provide including surgical care, communication, and follow up. Even better, we can usually accommodate and office visit within one week of your call.

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